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About Me

Hello and welcome to this page and website.

To learn more about my many years as a Spectrum Radio Operator.
Ontario, Canadian Amateur Radio Operator | HF | VHF | UHF - DMR / Fusion / NXDN

The collection of post within this blog contains descriptions of some of the equipment I use for HAM Amateur Radio.

Read my blog(s) to learn about my community support over many years ! ;

Things I am proud of, to name but a few :

For those that do not know me I have never done anything abusive in my almost <30 years of HAM radio.  There are some HAM's that I do not associate with and do not know me that are discrediting and spreading lies about me. 

I chose my circle of friends based on moral and ethical values and not by a PTT key up.  There are very few in the HAM community that have met me or know me personally.

Please do not accept these recent untruths that are being thrown around.

Link  : happiness attracts happiness

Callsign used for
(Digital Mobile Radio = DMR) aka :  BrandMeister   DMR-Marc   DMRplus
Brandmeister Lastheard
DMR-Marc Lastheard

Motorola SL7550 | Motorola Bluetooth | SharkRF openSPOT

user of the SharkRF openSPOT

DMR Shack Equipment List To Date (Part) ;
Hytera DMR TD372
Hytera MD782-g DMR Mobile
Hytera PD782-g Hand Held
Motorola Mototrbo XPR 5550 UHF Base Unit (High pwr)
Motorola Mototrbo XPR 7550 UHF Hand held Unit
Motorola Mototrbo XPR 7550e VHF Hand held Unit
Motorola Mototrbo SL 7550 UHF Hand held Unit

Please visit my website link below.
VE3WZW Andre (link to blog)
Twitter VE3WZW

Backup -  ZELLO app. Is a FREE voice Wakie Talkie app on IOS and Android to talk.
Username/Group :: va3agv, ve3wzw

The Analog equipment is detailed at another blog VA3AGV
The DMR equipment is detailed at another blog VE3WZW
The HF equipment is detailed at another blog VE3SP

BLOG to contact me at the following : 
VE3WZW  (for contact details)
Twitter VE3WZW

Ontario, Canadian Amateur Radio Operator | HF | VHF | UHF - DMR / Fusion / NXDN

Callsign used for my
(Digital Mobile Radio = DMR) aka :  BrandMeister   DMR-Marc   DMRplus

Note ::  Some smart puppy is going to ask, "why do you have so many callsigns???"  My response is simply because I can and I want to ...  However, my reasoning was for the modes or frequencies.

I use Analog VHF/UHF and DMR and HF each with a unique designation.   It works !!

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Updated:   Extreme Atrocities

A group in southern Ontario obsessed person(s) with vengeance has been broadcasting unauthorized RECORDINGS abusive edited manipulated audio for 6 months/year.  There are people spending too much time and obsessed with discrediting my character.
In Toronto Canada we have that group playing recordings of my name and callsign on the repeater(s) .... please ignore or contact me for details about the obsessed person(s). If you hear abuses please log the details (callsign / name) of the loud mouth that is using the repeater before or after. 


thanks for the support